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Wallan Olde Time Market
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11th of January 2020
8th of February 2020
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The Wallan Market runs on the second Saturday of every month between 8am and 2pm, it is held in Hadfield Park Wallan.
Casual stallholders are asked to queue, commencing at the market entry point on the Northern Highway opposite Red's Cafe and Gifts (north end of the bus stop), between 6:30am and 7am on the day.
Market Rules
1. Vehicle entry from 5am to 6:30am via Watson St entry. Do not block other driveway entrances into the park.
2. All stallholders must check-in and make payment in full prior to setting up their site.
3. All sites are a maximum of 9 metres in length.
4. Stallholders are not permitted to park on garden beds or tie-off on trees. Any repairs or costs for damage done to the site will be the responsibility of the stallholder.
5. All permanent stallholders must be on site by 6.30am.
6. All stalls must be off-site by 3pm.
7. Any dispute is to be directed to the Market Co-ordinator for resolution.
8. Permanent stallholders breaking any of the rules of occupancy will have their permanent status revoked.
9.All stallholder rubbish including cardboard must be taken from site.
10. The market opening times are 7am to 1pm when vehicles are permitted to leave site.
11. Food stall holders of any type are by invitation only from the operator (Must comply with food act registration).
12.Casual stallholder vehicles will be directed onto site when the Market Co-ordinator deems it safe to do so.
13. Any offence against any Federal, state or local law will be dealt with by the Police or local authorities.
14. No pets such as puppies, dogs and cats can be sold at a market. Local Laws apply.
15. All contracts of sale are made between the purchaser and the seller and the Market Operator takes no responsibility for the product.
16. Lost property can be handed to the Local Wallan Police Station or to the Market Co-ordinator.
17. Permanent stalls are available, by invitation only, from the operator of the market.
18. All stall merchandise must comply with the Federal Trade Practices Act and must not contravene any copyright.
19. The Market Co-Ordinator has sole discretion to remove any stall for non-compliance with the general rules of admission.
20. The market is controlled by the operator “Wallan Scout Group”. The person in control is the Market Co-Ordinator or his nominated deputy .